Jonathan S. Mitchell

I completed my Ph.D. under Ken Angielczyk and Pete Makovicky at the University of Chicago. Now, I work with Dan Rabosky at the University of Michigan.

A PDF of my CV can be found here

List of publications:

  1. 2018 Mitchell J.S., Etienne R.S., and Rabosky D.L. Inferring Diversification Rate Variation From Phylogenies With Fossils. Systematic Biology, doi:
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  7. 2015 Mitchell, J.S. Extant only comparative methods fail to recover the disparity preserved in the bird fossil record. Evolution 69(9) 2414-2424. (PDF)
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  11. 2012 Heckert, A.B., Mitchell, J.S., Schneider, V., and Olsen, P.E. Diverse new microvertebrate assemblage from the Upper Triassic (Norian) Cumnock Formation, Sanford Subbasin, North Carolina, USA. Journal of Paleontology, 86(2):368-390, doi: (PDF)
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